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RT Quick Calc

1.99 usd

The RT Quick Calc is the must have app for any Respiratory Therapist looking to quickly and easily check or confirm calculations used in their every day job. Add frequently used calculations to your favorites for easy access! 30 formulas with more on the way! RT Quick Calc makes life as a respiratory therapist professional or student easy and worry free by giving you the peace of mind of correct calculations every time!Current formulas include:A-a O2 Gradienta/A RatioAirway ResistanceAnion GapBicarb GapCardiac IndexCardiac OutputDynamic ComplianceEjection FractionExpected pHHave Want Formula (FiO2)Have Want Forumla (Min VE)Have Want Formula (RR)Have Want Formula (VT)Henderson Hasselbach EquationIdeal Body WeightIdeal Tidal VolumeMinute VentilationOxygen ContentOxygenation IndexP/F RatioPhysiologic DeadspacePoint Seven Plus 20 RulePulmonary Vascular Resistance (PVR)Respiratory RateRSBIStatic ComplianceSystemic Vascular Resistance (SVR)Tidal VolumeWinter's Equation
If there is a calculation you have questions about or would like to see added, please email us at or through our contact form at Any feedback is also appreciated and will help us improve our app and ensure that it remains the respiratory therapist's calculator of choice!